Thursday, August 14, 2008

Something Neat

So, one of my big goal-things that I want to accomplish in this life is to learn seven languages. I don't know why seven. Seems like a nice number. Since I'm pretty, pretty far away from that goal (I am fluent in one language) and I'm almost done with school (one more year), I thought I'd take advantage of my current resources and do my utmost for the time being.

So, I decided to read el Libro de Mormon en Espanol. I took about two and a half years in high school, so I know the basics. I'm just trying to expand my vocab and enlighten myself spiritually at the same time: multitasking! It's a groovy idea because I just open two tabs on the Internet and switch back between the two: English and Spanish. I just hope scriptural Spanish is not so very different than regular Spanish ... oh well.

Anyway, it's totally fun and interesting. There are several ways to say "And it came to pass" in Spanish. Neat. It's coming a lot easier than I thought, too. Once I'm done, maybe I'll do Italian, or French, or German. They don't have Russian yet, which is lame-sauce because I took a semester of Russian. That would've been the bomb dot com. With all of those, that's only five. But I'd say that's an ambitious start, and now that I've told everyone, I have to do it. Woot.

Monday, August 11, 2008

I really should call this. "The Things We Did This Month"

So, I'm a slacker. Mostly, though, my camera is still lent out and what is a post without pictures? Here's the latest scoop for me and Nels:

Nels' parents gave us their car yesterday! It was so generous of them, and now we officially have our own car. We are moving up!

Nels has been taking Physics, and is devoting most of his current life to it. He's also doing well with his side business/hobby. He put up a computer repair website last year for an entrepreneurial class, and he's been raking in a lot of business. It's also something that he likes to do in his spare time... within reason. He wasn't really doing much with it until this month actually. People would call him up all the time, and instead of charging them to fix it, he'd just tell them how to do it, no charge. That hasn't worked lately, so he's been busy fixing people's computers.

I recently turned 21. That's pretty exciting. Nels got me Toy Story and a piano book. He also took me out to lunch. On Sunday, when we went to visit mom and dad Broberg, they had a cake and presents waiting for me! It was a surprise birthday celebration! I was so amazed. Emily, Jay, Clement, Kate, and Kelly were there, too. Kate and Kelly got us a bottle of genuine Bear Lake Raspberry Days raspberry syrup. Mom and dad Broberg got me The Incredibles and Ice Age 2. My secret's out: I have an unreasonable obsession with kid's movies.

Also of note, I got a "promotion". It was at BYU, so it's not like I'm climbing any sort of corporate ladder, but they are eventually going to hire a professional multimedia person at the Daily Universe. Until then, they're letting me take over that role as a student. I get 50 cents more per hour, power over my peers, and a pat on the back. Yay!