Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hope for the Future

I'm a soon-to-be-parent with a husband in school. We don't have a lot of loose change around, so in preparation for our little one to be arriving in August, we are choosing our baby products as prudently as possible.
Except there is one extravagance that I really would rather have around for completely selfish reasons: a jogging stroller. I already have a travel system, so really, a jogging stroller is totally unnecessary. It's for rich people, right? Or at least not destitute-types like we will be for another school year.
But there's this thing called Freecycle, which is a lot like craigslist except there is no buying or selling. It's just giving. People just offer things that they want to get rid of and people pick them up. How lovely! And people, like me, who want something they can't spend money on just ask for things for nothing in return, like spoiled, bratty children. It's a win-win.
So I've been keeping my eye out for jogging stroller ads, but you have to be extremely quick in responding to the ads if you want to get stuff. Competition is fierce. And after a while of doing that and reaping no reward, I just flat out asked if anyone had a jogging stroller laying around that needed a home. Sure enough, there was! Hoo-ah! And I picked it up! Double Hoo-ah!
That leads me to my next tip:

Tip #5: Give yourself another reason to run

I won't be running in the coming months, but by golly, I'll be jonesing to go running with a child in tow by the time I can.