Sunday, April 5, 2009

I am still running (ish)

Mk, that was mostly a lie. About 3 percent was truth, so I'd call it a proverbial grey area cause I'm not rounding. I don't get up and work out a lot (*ahem* ever...), but it's okay because I have so many reasons not to. I'm basically off the hook. Right?

No, I'm not. And this leads me to my next tip, totally on the fly, but nonetheless full of little pearls of wisdom and awesomeness.

Tip 4: Repent!

I'm probably not going to up and run a 5K tomorrow, but since I got a big 'ol rush of energy a couple weeks ago, I decided to take my exercise routine up a notch. Meaning, I have to move around. I jogged out to my car in a parking lot yesterday, I'm considering that as counting, because now that I'm all out of the habit, that's a totally attainable level of activity. It was probably a full 30 seconds. Next time, I'll run circles around my car before I unlock it.

In all seriousness though, that rush of energy I got was so comforting. I thought I had permanently lost my zest for life and running, but if there is one thing that pregnancy has recently taught me, it's that even though you're not getting sick (like throwing up), you are still absolutely sick in your head. At least, that's the case with me. I was "touched". Luckily, the damage wasn't permanent.

But for all those fellow running-not-likers-who-wish-they-weren't, this also applies to nonpregnant people as well. May my shining example of change that has yet to occur be a beacon in this dark world of sleeping in and being all cozy in your pjs.