Monday, May 12, 2008

One Year

Nels and I have made it to one year on Saturday. We talked about it and decided we will try for two years. But that was over an incredibly scrumptious surprise meal that I made him, so perhaps he was feeling a bit swayed. I made salmon (first time!) strawberry-almond salad, pasta, and an apple-spice cake. I also lit candles to top it all off. All in all, I felt like such a good wife that day, that the only lame thing that could throw off my groove was a really bad cold, which showed symptoms the day of.
Strangely enough, that was exactly how Valentines had been. I was fine and dandy, but on Valentines I caught something really, really bad, that we didn't do anything that day. (We had observed it the weekend before, though, so we were covered.) Anyway, I seem to be getting sick only on romantic holidays lately... sketchy.
Anyway, thoughts on being married for one year? Time really flew. It didn't seem hard at all. We pretty much like each other. The lucky thing is that everyday reminds us of that. Even when we were new newly weds (meaning 6 months or less), we didn't have a difficult "adjustment." It felt natural and normal. I think that's a good sign for us, regardless of how sick I get on our anniversary.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Just an Update

So Nels and I went to Las Vegas last week for four days. We were tired from being around all the Mormons in Provo, so we went all out in Sin City. We rode some crazy rides at the top of the Stratosphere and we went to a show... a magic show. We also ate at a buffet, and thus completed the ultimate Vegas experience. Four days in Vegas is just enough time to do everything.
We even had time to get mocked by a mob of Chinese tourists. But that was kind of on the fly. Nels and I were the only two people on a ride that hangs off the top of the Stratosphere. It wasn't all that scary, but I got Nels to yell his lungs out anyway. It made it a bit more exciting, especially for the large group of people watching us and taking our picture from the observation deck. When we got off the ride and back inside the building, we were greeted by no less than 20 Chinese tourists that didn't speak a lick of English. They just stood in front of us and laughed their heads off while pointing. No explanation, just loud, boisterous laughter. I wasn't in good enough humor to take a bow; I was actually a little distraught by it. Looking back it though, it was pretty hilarious.
We got back more or less refreshed. I could face campus and the Daily Universe without grimacing once again. I even picked up my guitar, and I am trying to learn how to play "Sound of Silence" by Paul Simon. My friend Anna and I used to sing the song together, and I fell in love the Simon and Garfunkel team. So that's good news. I, in my twenties, am finally figuring out what music I love. Luckily, it's the Beatles and 60's rock and all that jazz (or rock, really). I'm quite relieved to find that out, especially since a lot of it can sound good on just a guitar.
Other than that, not a lot to report. We had a couple over for dinner, the Koelings from our ward. Dinner didn't even taste bad. Bonus!