Thursday, June 12, 2008

Where I've Been

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Just when I thought the summer would drive me crazy with not as much to do, I go and get myself another job. This makes three.
I currently work the web desk at the Daily Universe, BYU's newspaper; I edit a podcast for; and my new job is a copy editor for the Daily Herald, Provo's local newspaper. All of these jobs are necessary for me, and I like them a lot, although Nels needs to be reminded of that. He tries to tell me to take a break once in a while, but I'm a glutton for punishment.
I am so grateful to be busy and to have jobs that I went to school to get, but, diving in head first, I forgot that I had a lot of non-scholastic goals for myself this summer. I especially wanted to read a lot. I suppose I can't complain: I read the news everyday a day before everyone else. I get a weird sense of satisfaction from that (reading the news and being a day ahead).
I have been doing some things that I set out to do, namely, a podcast! I am an official podcaster, and for all those old fogies out there (just kidding, I didn't know what they were till a semester ago), podcasters are to radio hosts, as blogs are to journalists. In other words, they're professional- or amateur-produced audio files. You download them on to iTunes. They've got a podcast for about everything, but I chose to do mine on movie reviews. I co-host it with a co-worker at the Daily Universe. We had several classes together, and he is a podcast junkie. I listen to a few; I'm not fully involved in it. I don't even listen to my own. I hate hearing my own voice, and I tend to run away from it.
Anyway, we're still working through technical difficulties, but if you're interested, go to:
Underneath the menu there are three columns. Our podcast is on the right column, and it's called The Movie Vault. Please don't call me up and laugh at me. I'm still new at this!