Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Check Us Out!

Jenn, Lisa, and I went to the General Relief Society session last Saturday. We got there a couple hours early to do some "shopping" (looking at things with desire), and luckily I brought my camera, which inevitably led to some good, old-fashioned, sisterly bonding. I'll show you what I mean.

Here's what I call, the "En la coche" series:

There's Lisa, giving eyes to the camera.

There's me, doing the doe-eyed stare.
Oh, Jenn! You vixen, you!

This is the part where we found some flowers and thought they made a good backdrop:

Her heart says, "I am one with nature," but her head says, "Get the bugs off of me!"

I couldn't have been cuter if I were made of puppies.

(singing) Oh, what you do to me! (end of singing)

Oh, and we did go to the R.S. session. That was fun, too.