Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I'm Pretty Sure My Kids See Dead People

When Calvin was two, he said he was going to go play catch with ghosts. Even though his daddy was standing right there. He'd proceed to throw a ball at what we presumed was just a wall and tell "it" nice catch. Thankfully, he stopped creeping us out and he grew out of that, or so it seemed.

About a month ago, Calvin randomly told me about a lady in his room. I asked him when he saw her and listed off people we knew that he could have been referring to. He said no to all of my suggestions, and he said he saw her at nighttime. Hoping with all my heart he was just telling me a story, I asked him if it was a nice lady or a mean lady.  He wasn't sure. {Shivers}

Now Oliver will be engaging in some sort of fun-awesome activity like pretending the laundry basket is a boat and I'll simulate a violent storm. Then he'll stand up suddenly and have a look of surprise on his face and say, "Bad guys!" Then he does the Spiderman web-slinging move that his brother showed him, and, luckily, that seems to get rid of them. He'll also go into empty rooms and call out, "Hello? Hello?"

Are all children like this, or just ones with "the gift"?